Calcarea Carbonica for weight loss, female disease, ejaculation etc.

Before using Calcarea Carbonica in any disease, its symptoms should be taken into consideration. Patients look very fat, full of fat, children seem to be numb, can’t move fast. The skin is dry, soft and incoherent. The patient’s arms and legs are slender. It seems that the head is bigger than the body. The abdomen looks bigger, thicker and stiffer. The head is very sweaty, the pillow gets wet when sleeping. This drug is used in many cases according to the above symptoms. Among these, Calcarea carbonica is used for weight loss effectively.

Calcarea carbonica for stomach ailments

The patient hates to eat meat, fatty foods, boiled food. The patient cannot easily digest tea, eggs, salt, sweet foods but eats or wants to eat these types of food. Milk is not tolerated at all, there is always sour belching, heartburn starts after taking meal. Reluctance to eat hot food, can not tolerate cold food. Expresses interest to take Cold drinks.

Calcarea carb for female diseases

Patient looks fat, a lot of white blood cells present in blood. Symptoms of headache, palpitations, shortness of breath, etc. begin when Menstruation does not start even if the date of menstruation has passed. In this case, taking Calcarea Carbonica starts menstruation and the pain is relieved.

calcarea carb for female disease

Feeling heavy in the lower abdomen, pain like piercing needle in the uterus, pain increases when standing. Menstruation starts before the date and there is excessive discharge. Menstruation starts when you work a little harder. Calcarea Carb is very effective in these symptoms.

Calcarea carbonica for leucorrhea

In the case of little girls (of infants & before puberty), discharge is white like milk, more in quantity, sometimes there is irritation and itching in the vagina with discharge.

Calcarea carb for illness caused by ejaculation

Unable to have intercourse as the penis is not completely erect despite strong desire. Dizziness, headache after intercourse.

Calcarea carbonica for skin disease

Eczema on the head, thick layer of scabs on the scalp, very foul odor comes out of it. Eczema gradually spread from the top of the head to the mouth.

Calcarea carb for weight loss

The patient looks very fat, abdomen is large and hard. obesity comes within a very short time. Calcarea carb 200 potency is more effective in this case.

Calcarea carbonica for eye

The eyes cannot tolerate direct sunlight, Corneal lesions, corneal opacity, corneas are always unclean and have thick clots in the eyelids.

Calcarea Carb for stone

Calcarea carb is equally effective for both kidney stone and gallbladder stone. Excessive sweating when in pain. Calcarea carb 30 gives relieves from severe pain due to stone in kidney and gallbladder. It’s a preventive medicine of both kidney and gallbladder stone. First take 30 potency. If pain is not relieved then take 200 potency.

Calcarea Carbonica for polypus

It is very useful if there is bleeding in polyp in the nose, ears, uterine. Effective for bleeding from nose in fat children.

Calcarea Carb for insomnia

Patient remains awake almost whole night, can’t sleep, see nightmare when closes the eyes to sleep, startles up even by low sound.


sixth to higher potencies. It should not be repeated too frequently in elderly people.

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