Are you feeling financially strained or frequently falling ill? Your home’s Vastu might be to blame. Discover the seven common Vastu mistakes that could be affecting your well-being and wealth. 

7 Vastu Mistakes That Can Make You Poor and Sick 

By Soumen Pahari 21 June 2024, 7.32 pm

Vastu Shastra, the ancient Indian science of architecture, emphasizes harmony in your living space. Ignoring its principles might lead to negative consequences. 

Mistake No. 1  

Cluttered North-East Corner  The North-East corner of your Vastu should be clean and open. Clutter here can block positive energy, leading to poor health and financial instability. 

Mistake No. 2

Toilet in the North-East  A toilet in the North-East direction of your Vastu can drain away prosperity and health. It's essential to remedy this to restore balance. 

Mistake No. 3

Kitchen in the North-East of your Vastu  A kitchen in the North-East can disrupt the positive energy flow. This imbalance can lead to financial and health problems.

Mistake No. 4

Overhead Beams  Sitting or sleeping under exposed beams can cause stress and health issues. It's best to avoid placing furniture directly under them. 

Mistake No. 5

Ignoring the Pooja Room  The pooja room should be in the northeast for optimal positive energy. Ignoring this can lead to lack of peace and prosperity. 

Mistake No. 6

Incorrect Bedroom Placement  Placing your bedroom in the northwest or northeast can disturb your sleep and health. Ensure your bedroom is in the southwest of your Vastu  for stability and peace. 

Mistake No. 7

Ignoring the Main Entrance  Entrances facing south-west are often linked to financial struggles and health issues. This direction is considered inauspicious and may invite negative energies. 

Consult a Vastu Expert

For personalized advice, consulting a Vastu expert can provide specific solutions tailored to your home's unique layout and direction.