Top 7 most expensive chocolates in India

Indulge in the luxury of India's most expensive chocolates. From decadent truffles to artisanal bars, discover the top 7 costly chocolates that are worth every rupee.

At number 7, Godiva Chocolatier costs about ₹1,000. Known for its silky texture and exquisite taste, it's a premium choice for chocolate connoisseurs.

No. 7 

Godiva Chocolatier 

Royce Nama Chocolate, priced at ₹1,200, takes the 6th spot. This Japanese brand offers a melt-in-your-mouth experience with its creamy texture.

No. 6

Royce Nama Chocolate 

Ranking 5th, Patchi Chocolates cost around ₹1,500. These Lebanese chocolates are renowned for their unique fillings and elegant packaging.

No. 5

Patchi Chocolates 

La Madeline au Truffe, priced at ₹2,000, is our 4th entry. This exquisite chocolate is infused with rich truffle, offering an unforgettable taste. 

No. 4

La Madeline au Truffe 

At number 3, Amedei Porcelana costs ₹2,500. This Italian chocolate is made from rare white cocoa beans, offering a luxurious and delicate flavor. 

No. 3

Amedei Porcelana

Delafée Gold Chocolate, priced at ₹3,500, ranks 2nd. These chocolates are coated with edible gold, providing a royal indulgence. 

No. 2

Delafée Gold Chocolate Box 

Topping our list is The Chocolate Room, costing ₹5,000. This exclusive brand offers a variety of premium chocolates, each crafted to perfection.

No. 1

The Chocolate Room 

From Toblerone Gold to The Chocolate Room, these costly chocolates in India offer more than just taste—they provide a luxurious experience. Which one will you indulge in next? 

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