Discover the top beer brands that are winning the hearts of Indian beer lovers. From classic lagers to refreshing ales, these brands are leading the market with their exceptional taste and quality.

Top Selling Beer Brands in India in 2024

By Soumen Pahari 19 June 2024, 9.45pm

1. Kingfisher: The King of Good Times

Kingfisher, often dubbed the "King of Good Times," is synonymous with Indian beer culture. Its smooth, refreshing taste and extensive range make it a favorite at social gatherings and parties.

2. Budweiser: The American Classic

Budweiser has made a significant impact in India with its crisp and clean flavor. The brand is synonymous with premium quality and is a favorite among those who enjoy a lighter beer. Its popularity continues to grow among the urban crowd.

3. Bira 91: Crafting a Revolution 

Bira 91 has revolutionized the Indian beer scene with its innovative flavors and vibrant branding. Offering a range of craft beers, Bira 91 caters to the evolving palate of Indian consumers looking for something unique and refreshing.

4. Tuborg: The Festive Choice 

Tuborg, with its easy-drinking profile and crisp taste, is a popular choice for parties and celebrations. Its affordability and consistent quality make it a favorite among young adults.

5. Heineken: The Global Icon  

Heineken’s strong global presence and premium positioning have made it a preferred beer in India. Known for its distinct flavor and green bottle, Heineken is enjoyed by those who appreciate a well-crafted beer.

6. Carlsberg: Probably the Best Beer

Carlsberg’s tagline, “Probably the best beer in the world,” resonates well with Indian consumers. Its balanced taste and smooth finish make it a great choice for beer enthusiasts looking for a high-quality brew.

7. Haywards 5000 - The Strong Player 

Haywards 5000 is a favorite among those who prefer a stronger beer. With a rich and robust flavor, it's a staple in many parts of India, especially among those who enjoy a higher alcohol content.

8. Corona - The Beach Favorite  

Corona, often enjoyed with a slice of lime, brings a taste of the beach to your glass. Its light and crisp flavor is perfect for sunny days and has gained a loyal following in India.


These top-selling beer brands reflect the diverse tastes and preferences of Indian beer lovers. From strong and bold to light and refreshing, there's a perfect beer for every occasion. Cheers to finding your favorite! 🍻