Homoeopathic remedies for hemorrhoids | Homoeopathic medicine for piles

Piles is also called hemorrhoids. Piles is a disease in which 60% of the world’s population suffer. But very few people treat it. The reason for this is many people hesitate or get ashamed to talk about it. If you don’t treat your piles properly then you will have to suffer whole life. Therefore, there may be anemia or anal infection. Its extreme result may also be rectum cancer. It gets cured with the treatment at early stage. It will be get cured if you treat it according to the symptoms. Also by the help of few home remedies for piles, this can be cured. Here, you will find best Homoeopathic medicines for piles & symptomatic treatment of piles.

What is hemorrhoids (piles) ?

Piles are collections of tissue and vein that become inflamed and swollen.The size of piles can vary, and they are found inside or outside the anus.

What are the causes of hemorrhoids (piles) ?

1) Due to using extra pressure when passing stool.
2) Congenital weak artery.
3)Chronic constipation.
4) Chronic cough.
5) Due to lifting very heavy object.

What are piles symptoms ?

1) Painless or painful bleeding when passing stool.
2) Itching and pain in the anus.
3) Burning sensation or swelling in the anus.
4) A hard, possibly painful or painless lump may be felt around the anus.
5) Anal fistula, in which a new channel is created between the surface of the skin near the anus and the inside of the anus.

Homoeopathic medicines for piles

Homoeopathic remedies for hemorrhoids | Homoeopathic medicines for piles

Homoeopathy treatment is the best treatment of piles. It thoroughly cure piles without any side effect. Check symptomatic best homoeopathic medicine for piles below.

Aesculus hip Q – If it is very less bleeding or there is no blood in stool but pain in the waist, anal pain, pain or burning sensation after discharge. Take 10 drops in morning and evening.

Hamamelis Vir Q – There is a lot of bleeding during excretion and it feels very painful. Take 10 drops in the morning.

Paeonia Q – Burning sensation in the anus including Piles, Fistula. Take 10 drops in the morning and evening.

Nux Vom 30 – Many people who take extra tea, coffee . They keep sit all day, do not do any work or labor. Take 2/3 drops and take it in empty stomach.

Nitric acid 200 – If pain like pricking the needle in the anus, take 2 drops in empty stomach.

Calcarea fluor 200 – People who are suffering from piles with constipation, must take. Take 2/3 drops in empty stomach twice daily.

Besides these homeopathic remedies for hemorroids, few patent medicines from renowned homeopathy medicine company are also available in the market. These are as follows.

Home remedies for piles treatment

Several types of hemorrhoids treatment is available at home or in the form of medicine. Many home remedies can cure piles completely.

Aloe Vera – Aloe vera can treat many issues. This plant has anti-inflammatory property which helps to heal wounds. Burning sensation, itching and inflammation caused by piles can be relieved by applying Aloe vera.

best Homoeopathic medicines for piles

Coconut Oil – This is a natural moisturizer. This reduces inflammation and irritation and helps in reducing the scratches.

Warm baths – Sitting in a bucket full of hot water reduces irritation and swelling due to piles.Some people mix Epsom salt or apple cider vinegar in water to reduce this inflammation and irritation.Some people put apple cider vinegar directly into piles.But this will increases swelling and irritation on the swelling skin for directly applying apple cider vinegar.

Ice Packs – Applying ice or ice pack in piles provides relief from pain & irritation. Put an ice pack while seated or when the pain of piles increase. It can help numb pain and temporarily reduce swelling. People should wrap the ice in a small towel to avoid damage to the skin. Leave on ice pack for 15 minutes and repeat the process hourly.

Change in lifestyle

Some changes in lifestyle may reduce the development of piles or wounds. these are as follows…

home remedies for piles | Homoeopathic medicines for piles

Drink plenty of fluid and six-seven liters of water . Drinking lots of liquids leads to softening of the stool. Therefore when the stool comes out of the intestine, there is no scratch.

Take fiber enriched vegetables, fruit meals daily. Apples, bananas, oranges, strawberries contain 3/4 grams of fiber. Papaya also contains good amount of fiber. Mango contains 5 grams and guava contains 9 grams of fiber. Dark colored vegetables like carrot, beats, broccoli contain high amount of fiber. Red and sweet potatoes also contain fiber.

People should wear loose fitting, breathable, cotton underwear. It helps prevent the area surrounding the piles from being disturbed by excess sweating.

Avoid eating meat, high fat content food, fast food. Avoid eating oily spicy foods.

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